Choosing A Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is probably more difficult than writing a 20- thousand words dissertation. The difficulty comes from the fact that you need to choose a dissertation topic which is unique and at the same time interesting and exciting. Finding a good balance between the two when choosing the right dissertation topic is a challenge which we would love to help you overcome.

When searching for a dissertation topic we can suggest looking through your course book and seeing what topics you will be discussing and studying during the year. Pick an area that you find particularly interesting and then start researching it. Browsing through the internet will help you gain more knowledge about the different research topics or other dissertation topics that have been explored in this area and you might even ask yourself few questions while reading on the subject. Try to find answers to those questions and if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for then maybe this is the dissertation topic that you need to explore.

Another possible option to choose a good dissertation topic is make a comparison study between your country (if you are not from the UK) and the UK in one area of the subject that you are studying. You will see that cross cultural/country studies can be found less often because of the difficulty in executing primary research. But who knows… you might be up for the challenge.

And finally, you might just do what I did – I listened very carefully to what our lecturer had to say on our first lecture. While briefing us on what we will be studying during the year, he mentioned what the most interesting areas are, he also mentioned which are the areas which have been least researched and then he advised us on dissertation topics that we can consider which are current for the present time. After this one lecture, I knew what I wanted to write about in my dissertation and then all I had to do was form a dissertation outline (which we will be discussing in our next blog), begin researching and discuss my chosen dissertation topic with my tutor.

Feel free to follow any of these steps when looking for your dissertation topic or maybe all of them and if you are still struggling to choose the right topic, we will be more than happy to help you find it by advising you on exciting dissertation topics for your subject.

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