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The experience of writing a dissertation can lead to psychological distress, arduous study, sleepless nights and mental anguish. The dissertation symbolises the end of your journey and the beginning of a post academic career. As we know a dissertation starts with an idea or subject that needs to be investigated .The proposal is then written and then organized through dissertation editing. The structure of the dissertation depends on school requirements, research conditions and area of study. Instructions are normally composed of detailed instructions that include number of sources, length of sections, deadline, academic level and governing purpose.

Dissertation editing makes sure that you conform and comply with these standards. Your dissertation is normally comprised of the following sections: the Topic introduction, Literature, Research methodology, Observations, Analysis and finding Conclusions. It is a lengthy process that requires the devotion of time. The work requires being clear, establishing and proving that the contribution to knowledge can be made.

A dissertation must have the following qualities

  • Ideas must be communicated clearly: Objections, qualifications, assumptions, ambiguities must be clearly defined. There is a structural coherence namely even paragraph and transition phrases are added to strengthen logical links between ideas.
  • Grammar and syntax: There should be profound reference and correct subject-verb agreements. There should also be no improper or weak verb usage. No fragmented or, no run on sentences, all words should be correctly spelled with a unique style and voice. Precise phrases and words should be used to create an impression of individuality.
  • Format Specifications: You apply the APA style for subjects related to psychology, nursing, law, economics, criminal justice and business. The MPA style is used for subjects relating to media studies, communications, literature, liberal arts and humanities. Proof reading and content editing goes hand in hand with this formatting.
  • Preparation for peer committing defence: The following is imperative for dissertation editing, the construction of the design and methodologies procedure, the collection and construction of data analysis and statistics presentation of results proposal for research Published literature and review questionnaire guides
  • As a final suggestion: Review your work from page one.

What we offer 

At A-Mentor we will add an active and intelligent voice to your manuscript. A-Mentor will work in collaboration with you on your dissertation. Adding value and respecting your work will lead to taking your work to new heights. We have thorough knowledge of academic parameters which will work and propound to your dissertation. Providing subjective feedback is very important for us. A-Mentor will show you a true picture of where your project stands and where it can be taken in order to succeed. If required to do so we will cap any loose ends and fix errors.

We understand that if a topic needs to be written in a particular way using the right tense and structure for sentences. A-Mentor is familiar with the format, language and layout and all other aspects of dissertation writing. Our Editors work very hard to fine tune your dissertation and to make it immaculate. We are well equipped to handle dissertations covering a large scope of fields. Dissertation writing is not easy and we are aware of this fact. In fact it has to be clear and complete. The cornerstone of the structure of your dissertation is very important. Formulating your dissertation the right way is of great importance. Your statement should be coherent and functional. Anybody that is reading you dissertation should be able to grasp the direction where the research is headed. It should also show why the researcher was incited by the case. It must include a broader social perspective. It should be structured logically, sequentially and rationally. In addition the problem statement should be revised.

Our professional editing team will ensure that your writing format, in-text citations and references are correct. A-Mentors editors will correct and catch additional formats you will need for your paper. Our clever editing team has thorough understanding and knowledge of different formats of all academic requirements. Various formats of the in-text citation make the task of writing and editing more effective. A-Mentors team will edit the wordy sentences to easy simple to understand sentences. This will ensure that your points and facts stand out appropriately. Making your dissertation clear and effective is the main goal. Our professional editing team will organise the flow of the idea in a logical way.

Please feel free to contact any of the A-Mentor consultants for any further requirements.

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