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Starting or finishing your dissertation is no playground for kids in fact it is difficult let’s face that.
There are a lot of books and guidance out there on how to come up with a title, how to put together your dissertation and how to do your research. However there is limited advice out there that is printed or in books on how and what support there is to help you through your dissertation. Nevertheless your dissertation is filled with politics, process of working on it and it is filled with power. Life goes on and all of a sudden you come to the realization that your dissertation hits you and you feel all alone.
What makes graduate school interesting is the fact that you meet and work with fellow students who have the same interests and same goals as you have. You all have the same endeavours and that is to complete your dissertation. You might ask yourself, is the path of dissertation really such an isolating experience? Often our family and friends don’t understand what we are going through. Writing your dissertation does not have to be a isolating experience and what makes it difficult is keeping up the momentum needed to complete your PhD.
Doing your dissertation is both a challenge and a profound opportunity. Your dissertation can be a time in your life that you learn to appreciate and love challenges for the wisdom they impart and the experiences that they may grant. Rising above your expectations in completing your dissertation is of the essence and realizing what you want to achieve is so near.
Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself:
• What is my life goals and what do I want to achieve
• Why do I want to obtain my PhD

The answers should come quite easily but keep them short and precise. After evaluating these answers it should be clear why you are doing your dissertation. As mentioned earlier doing your dissertation does not have to be solitary.
Here are a few great ideas for having connections and joining communities:
• Visit your local library and coffee shops, getting to know people at libraries with the same interests as you can be encouraging and motivating. Most students working on papers or professionals running meetings are at these spots. Working with others around you makes things much easier for you and who knows you might meet someone also working on their dissertation.
• Go to your local university library, being surrounded by people who are there for the same reasons as you are can create instant conversations. Attend lectures and workshops that are granted by the university. Speak to the librarian for materials and other resources that could be beneficial for your dissertation in this way you will stay motivated and enticed to complete your dissertation.

• Find a companion to work with, meet at your house or in a coffee shop to share ideas and information that could be beneficial for your dissertation and at the same time you are also getting a bit connection and relaxing time with a friend .

• Find and participate in an association that has the same profession that you have, join their meetings and groups that allow for open discussions on the same topics that you are covering. This will not only allow you to meet people from different backgrounds but also individuals with the same interests as yours. This will be inspirational and can lead to further on going professional relationships.

• Join a dissertation group, this is one of the best ways to join a community with the same interests as yours. You will find there that a few students will have their own private groups or informal groups. It is a great way to meet students from different universities, colleges and professions. By engaging in these groups can be informative sharing information with fellow students who are striving for the same goal as you are. It is also a platform where everyone can discuss the problems and issues they are dealing with in this respect you can also learn from their problems they are dealing with.

Dissertation should not be an isolated experience. Finding people, communities and groups will be enticing, inspirational and motivating to get your dissertation done.

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