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Feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by your dissertation is natural but don’t let it get you down. Writing a dissertation is completely a new experience and a challenge. By definition a dissertation is ’’a long essay on a particular subject” it is not like writing a book.

There is unfortunately no reading on assignments, no deadlines from your professors, no regular discussions with your fellow students and no one to tell you what to do you are definitely on your own. This can feel intimidating seeing that this is something that you have never done before. Writing your dissertation is a challenging and complex process. Regardless if you love writing or not your dissertation is important and it is part of your course to complete your degree. The studying that you have to do as part of your course is hard enough and complex because of the research that has to be done. Dissertations can be time consuming and because of the complexity of the work that needs to be done can become demotivating.

At A-Mentor we believe that your future depends on it to complete your dissertation therefore, you have to make it a top priority to be completed. You have to sacrifice a lot of time and put off a lot of activities to complete your dissertation. What you have to keep in mind is that your dissertation is not about impressing your tutor or keeping your friends or family happy or you just want it to be completed just to pass your course. However this is a mechanism that you can prove what you have learned.

When you take on this large independent project you then can ask yourself the question; what do you want in the future after your academia? Your dissertation is the beginning and the end of your graduate career. After all, when you have finished your dissertation your life will change, you may work as an independent scholar or enter the job market. Remember what your PhD means to you and how you want it to work for you in the future. Try writing about the reasons why you want your PhD and all the other reasons why not. We recommend that you start planning your dissertation early and know what you want to achieve with it. You have to understand the basic structure of your dissertation. A-Mentor understands that for a university student it is vital that you take the time to research and analyse and plan your dissertation. We are here to provide you with primary and secondary research mythologies.

Some tips on how to produce a good dissertation:

Select your field of interest

Research what topics you have liked the most in your course. Investigate the subject that you liked, this will make it much easier to do a comprehensive research. Remember that you will be focusing on specific aspects perhaps trying to argue about a particular case, querying current believes or solving a problem.

A-Mentor is highly experienced in writing dissertations for a wide range of topics. Please feel free to contact any of our mentors.

Planning and research

Plan your dissertation meticulously, work out a time table and stick to it. You can stay in consultation with any of the A-Mentor mentors, making sure that your topic is wide ranging, relevant and up to date.

Structuring your dissertation

  • Title page: Title, your name, date, course name, name of supervisor.
  • Abstract: It should be one paragraph that summarizes the dissertation.
  • Acknowledgements: Give thanks to those who have assisted and guided you.
  • Table of Contents: Sections and subsections and Chapters.
  • Table of figures: If there are any.
  • Introduction: Give a brief presentation of your dissertation and the problems that you will be outlining.
  • Main body: Describe the evidence, facts, analysis, evaluation and discussion. It must be very well structured.
  • Conclusion/Findings: Your conclusion will outline and state very clearly your central question and also included in this will be your recommendations.
  • Bibliography: A list of your sources correctly formatted.

Other sections that you might be asked to be included is literature review, executive summary, mythology, procedure and references.

Avoid the following, using too many brackets, avoid underlying avoid using “etc”. Your dissertation is a piece of intellectual achievement. You should show understanding of theories and key issues, evaluation, critical analysis and evidence of insight and thought.

At A-Mentor we can support you in writing an appropriate academia style .Our mentors are highly skilful in the dissertation writing approach needed for each business topic. Our mentors understand that writing a dissertation is a challenging process that is why we are here to assist with your writing and research to contribute to the success of your success.

A-Mentor is here for you to guide and support you through your academia success.


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