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Company ProfileWe understand that introducing your company to the world in the best possible way is essential to your business success. It could be very unfortunate and above all unfair for a successful and reliable company to lack a high quality company profile. A company profile is the company’s business card to new clients and stakeholders. It not only contains factual information about the company, such as when it was founded, number of employees and the sector it operates in but is an opportunity for expressing much more.

A company profile can serve as an opportunity to express knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in your area of operations. It could be used as an important source of differentiation to other companies in the market. You can use your company profile to state your mission, vision, strategic objectives and how you differ to other companies in the same sector. This is the reason why, writing a strong company profile is a great opportunity to promote your brand awareness.

We understand that most businesses are facing growing competition and you have sometimes very little time to impress new clients. What better way to do so by having a clear and impactful company profile crafted for you? Your profile is your opportunity to state unique selling points and characteristics that set you apart from competitors. It is also a piece of information which could make your team, colleagues and clients proud of being part of your business.

A strong company profile could play a key role in attracting new employees. For example, online visibility on social sites such as LinkedIn makes a huge difference in creating new opportunities. In addition, LinkedIn is often used as a channel for job advertising and interested applicants would most certainly check your company profile to find out more about your business.

Another important use of your company profile is to strengthen your online presence. If you look at it from a technical perspective, it is a piece of content which you can use to optimise your website for search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. A company’s profile or ‘about us’ page of a web site is specifically targeted by search engines as it is the primary source of information what your website and company is all about. The greater the quality of your content and the more comprehensive your information is the more likely you are to rank higher than your competitors in online searches.

Writing an impactful company profile is challenging as you are expected to summarise your activities and unique selling points in just a couple of paragraphs. Our team of writers has strong expertise in company profile writing. All our writers are carefully screened and selected for their high level of expertise and proven experience. Our writers are enthusiastic to work on a wide range of different projects and are committed to delivering high quality at all times. Instead of trying and testing random freelancers on a job board you can rest assured that we will have the right person for your project – we will save you time, stress and potential disappointment of trial and error.

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