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White Papers WritingA white paper is an in-depth report on a given subject or theme. White papers are similar to articles but they are much longer and are written in a more formal voice. White papers are often a powerful piece of research to build authority and credibility in a particular field. These are papers which can serve as a great marketing tool and can promote brand awareness.

Writing a white paper is more complex than writing an article or a blog. In article and blog writing the greatest challenge is for the writer to identify and present an interesting topic. In white paper the actual writing requires a more in-depth research effort. The information presented in white papers need to show strong argumentation and factual validity. White papers need to offer a solution, interpretation or new rendition of a problem. This is the reason why white papers are used by decision-makers to gain insight of a sector.

You can use a white paper for marketing purposes but also to establish yourself as an expert in a field. Similarly to eBooks, white papers can also be used for attracting new customers, email opt-ins and subscriptions. This is a very successful tactic which incentivise online users to join your website, community or database of customers. You can also use your white paper to generate social media interest by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is an opportunity to promote your brand and generate awareness. It could also encourage online users to discuss your white paper and, as a result, follow you on your website or social media.

Your white paper could be a great opportunity for listing any successful case studies. It is important that you make use of all successful work and relationships you build with your clients. Sharing real world experience in the form of a case study would be seen as very relevant to your audience. After all, a white paper is a source of sector insight and there is nothing better than a real example of it.

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