Personal Statement Writing

Personal Statement WritingFinding and realising a successful career is probably one of the most difficult things one can do. It could be often difficult to identify what you want to do – this is not at all surprising bearing in mind the numerous career paths one can choose from. Have you heard of the saying: ‘Looking for a job is a full-time job’? This truly represents the difficulty which most people face when they start looking for a job on the market. We understand that this could be a challenging experience and we are committed to supporting you with your career journey.

A personal statement is an extremely important part of your application. This is your chance to describe your ambitions, skills and experience. Your personal statement is an important part of your job application for example. Prospective employers usually need to sift through hundreds of CVs and profiles per day and you need to make sure you stands out. There is no better way for a strong personal statement in the beginning of your CV or cover letter to grab attention as being an application worth reading.

Moreover, employers are now more than ever looking for an applicant’s personal statement in order to see how they differ from other existing applicants. This is the reason why having a strong personal statement in your application makes a huge difference in the selection process. In addition, you can have your personal statement posted online on professional network sites such as LinkedIn. This would be an opportunity to present your ambitions and not only attract career interest but personal partnerships as well.

A personal statement is not only relevant to job applications but it is also essential to academic applications. If you are looking to sing up for a degree or a short course, tutors usually compare different applicants based on their personal statements. A student’s personal statement says much about likely class contribution, participation and commitment to do a good job in the selected studies.

However, writing an impactful personal statement is a complex process – you are expected to summarise all your ambitions, skills and aspirations in a couple of paragraphs which is often difficult. Your personal statement needs to be succinct and attention grabbing. Do not undermine your chances to present yourself in the best possible light. You will have less than 1 minute to impress a prospective employer and we will make sure that you get all the attention it deserves!

Our team of writers has strong expertise in writing and editing CVs, career profiles, cover letters and career applications. All our writers are carefully screened and selected for their high level of expertise and proven experience. Our writers are enthusiastic to work on a wide range of different projects and are committed to delivering high quality at all times. Instead of trying and testing random freelancers on a job board you can rest assured that we will have the right person for your project – we will save you time, stress and potential disappointment of trial and error experience.

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