Novel Writing

Novel WritingWhile a novel is described as a long, fictional narrative which describes intimate human experiences dated from ancient Greece and Rome, nowadays novels can also be presented in a short story format posted on a website to increase traffic and customer base. Accordingly, although novels are usually published as books, we have seen an increase of novels being published as e-books.

By publishing a novel in an eBook format, you are creating a very powerful marketing tool which could help you attract new or reward existing customers. This is an interesting approach used by some of our clients in order to incentivise online users to join their website, community or database of customers.

Another effective use of a novel in an eBook format is to increase your online sales. The internet is a great tool to catch someone’s attention on a topic of interest without them feeling obligated to buy the end product. Nevertheless, if you can create a catchy abstract that attracts the customers’ attention then they will be very likely to purchase the novel and read it on their smart phone or tablet. It is essential that your eBook novel is of high quality and touches on themes which your customers are interested in. And if it is, you will have a guaranteed return of customers who will be interested to purchase your other novels.

You can use your novel to generate greater social media interest by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is an opportunity to add additional traffic to your website by offering your novel online. It could also promote a topic for discussion among users and followers.

It’s not always easy to come up with a topic or theme of a novel that hasn’t been written before and with the current competitive market it’s not so easy to create a good quality piece of work either that would attract a good number of customers. If you are looking for high quality content writers to help with your novel we are here to help. If you do not have a topic in mind we will be more than happy to give you some ideas based on the type of audience you are targeting. All our writers are carefully screened and selected for their high level of expertise and proven experience. Our writers are enthusiastic to work on a wide range of different projects and are committed to delivering high quality at all times. Instead of trying and testing random freelancers on a job board you can rest assured that we will have the right person for your project – we will save you time, stress and potential disappointment of trial and error.

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