AdvertorialAn advertorial is a newspaper or magazine advertisement which provides readers with an objective journalistic review of a product or service. As a result a product or service advertorial are more likely to promote customer purchases than banner advertising for example. Product reviews are essential to your customers especially when a big proportion of product and service purchasing is conducted online. Online buyers have the power to compare hundreds of products at their fingertips and make insightful decisions about those ones which would best suit their taste, expectations and price range. This is the reason why advertorials are essential to establishing your online and offline presence.

An advertorial is also an important tool to promoting your online presence. Not only you are providing a product or service review to engage new customers but you have the opportunity to generate fresh and keyword optimised content. This could be a great source of SEO and reputation building. At the end of the day, an advertorial will help with your website visibility and also build your credibility among new and existing customers.
Advertorial writing, however, is not an easy task. Although its sole purpose could be to promote a product or service, it needs to be written in an objective style. A common mistake is for advertorials to be heavily biased which could very often put off customers – it becomes obvious that the particular product review is a hard sale advertising rather than written for information purpose. This is the reason why one of the best types of advertorials are the comparative ones, which compare and contrast products and services for the benefit of the online buyer to make a more informed decision. An advertorial can also look at different ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ of a specific product or service and thus offer a more objective rendition.

You can also use your advertorial to generate greater social media interest by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is an opportunity to add additional traffic to your website by talking about a product or service which your audience could find useful. It could also promote a topic for discussion among users and followers which you can generate some useful insight from. If you a promoting a new product through advertorial, you would want to know what your targeted customers think about it and social media promotes the exchange of feedback.

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