Press Release Writing

Press Release WritingOne of the most important quality of a good press release is for the actual story to be newsworthy. The sole reason for developing a press release is to receive media coverage and therefore the more interesting your story is the greater coverage you are likely to receive. You need to be thinking of your targeted audience and the effect your press release has on people’s life. If you have an interesting story to release then by all means you should tell it to world.

There are a number of clear rules which a good press release writing follows: having a journalistic approach in identifying who the key stakeholders in the story are; what is new; why this new information is important; where it is taking place; when it is taking place; and finally how did this come about. A good tactic of starting with your press release writing is to aim at addressing these questions. This is often hard and often leads to several press release drafts before a final submission. The most important aspect of the writing is the human angle which needs to be kept in mind; your audience is why you are writing the press release in the first place after all.
It is also important that your press release story is catchy. This is the reason why the writing style and the ability to succinctly present information and grab readers’ attention is key to a high quality press release. Your title and first paragraph are critical to grabbing readers’ attention and this is where some writing creativity comes in hand.

You also need to be thinking of which media you will be targeting with your press release. The options here are many: local, national, consumer and specialist press. Your press release needs to provide a call of action and a follow up opportunity with the writer of the copy. At the end of the day your press release copy is not only an opportunity to inform readers about a news story but also to engage your stakeholders which this story has an impact on. In this respect, you can also think of your press release as a great marketing opportunity to humanise your brand and reach out to your audience.
You can also use your press release to generate social media interest by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is an opportunity to add additional traffic to your website by talking about a newsworthy information for your audience. It could also promote a topic for discussion among users and followers which you can generate some useful insight from. You can use this as an opportunity to answer questions and address concerns of your stakeholders – all in all a great channel and source of keeping your audience engaged.

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