Assignment Writing

Assignment WritingFrom the first day at your university, you are exposed to a number of inductions, new encounters and expectations. Soon, you realise how quickly time has flown away and that your first deadline is approaching. This often makes the development of your assignment a challenging and highly stressful experience. As we very much understand the challenges which students experience in such a demanding environment, we are here to assist with your assignment outline.

It is important that you start with your assignment from the very beginning of your academic course. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to start with the actual writing of the assignment but instead you need to focus on your assignment outline, content, resources and writing approach. As they say, if you fail to plan you plan to fail!      

Assignment Topic

The first step of your assignment outline is the most exciting – it is the time to be imaginative and find an exciting topic for your research. Finding the right topic and content for your assignment is not an easy task. Your content needs to be interesting; focused on a specific topic, industry and/or market. You need to remember that your research also needs to have an academic significance and therefore be worth reading for both pleasure and scholastic enrichment.

A-Mentor can help with identifying the right content for your assignment by conducting extensive research on your area of interest. We are experienced in conducting in-depth research by using both academic and professional sources of information for your assignment outline. When needed, we can also do primary research with different stakeholders to gain better understanding of your topic and outline the most appropriate research framework for your assignment. This primary research can be then further used in the actual research and writing on your topic of interest.

For more information, ‘Researching for your assignment’, is our blog post which will provide you with some useful guidance on researching and developing your assignment outline.

Assignment Outline

Once your research area is clearly defined, you need to develop an assignment outline which provides information on relevant academic literature and research methodology. This is often a complex task due to the fact that every different type of assignment has a distinctive research structure and therefore requires distinctive assignment outline characteristics.

One of the primary criteria which would influence your assignment outline is whether your will be writing an essay, report, coursework or dissertation. These assignments vary in size and therefore the research depth and analysis which you require to present in your assignment outline would vary substantially. Some of those assignment differences are outlined below:

  • Essay Outline– an essay outline will be comprised of three primary elements, such as an introduction, main body and conclusion. This is the reason why, a basic assignment outline needs to emphasise on these three areas in order for the researcher to ensure the writing of a valid and well-rounded essay.
  • Report Outline– a report outline is likely to be comprised of more sections than an essay outline. A report assignment is usually extensively analytical by making use of data, tables, graphs and charts. This type of an assignment outline needs to recognise the importance of data gathering and analysis by the use of particular research tools and methods.
  • Coursework Outline– a coursework assignment is often a lengthy piece of research which a students is required to produce.  Therefore, your assignment outline would require significant focus and depth of research on the different areas of research you are aiming to undergo. Moreover, your assignment needs to possess a high level of criticality and therefore your research objectives and purpose of research need to be clearly defined.  
  • Dissertation Outline– a dissertation is probably the most complex piece of research you would be required to conduct during your academic career. This is an assignment which tests your research skills, critical thinking and ability to think independently. In this respect, your assignment outline needs to present your research plan across multiple sections, such as Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion.  

Assignment Degrees

Not only is the content of your outline dependent on the assignment type but also on the particular subject and academic degree you are studying towards. For example, a Marketing degree would require for your assignment outline to be primarily focused on the marketing literature and to emphasise on contemporary approaches and techniques for the marketing of a product, service and brand.

On the contrary, a degree in Finance would require for your assignment to be a lot more numerical and analytical. This is the reason why, an assignment outline which contains formulas, table, graphs, charts and financial data is likely to be seen as more suitable for such degrees.

Students are becoming more interested in studying towards more contemporary and creative degrees, such as social media, digital marketing, online innovation, social entrepreneurship, to name but a few. Therefore, your assignment is likely to require a great deal of creativity and knowledge of contemporary topics. As the academic literature in many of these areas is still underdeveloped, it is important that you compensate in your assignment outline with a more creative and innovative research approach.     

We understand that your assignment is one of the most important steps in progressing towards graduating your chosen degree. A-Mentor can help you by writing outlines and proposals which can assist you in planning your essay, report, coursework and dissertation. We can mentor you during the process of your assignment outline writing and provide you with loads of useful information and insight to make you confident in your academic achievements.

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