Coursework Writing

Coursework WritingA coursework is an academic assignment which contributes towards the overall grade of a student. Coursework writing can be a challenging task as it can vary in structure and content depending on the coursework type and research purpose. Coursework writing may adopt an essay or report structure but is usually more substantial in size, and requires a greater depth of research and analysis.

As it can be identified from its name, a coursework is a type of assignment which bears a very high weight on your overall performance. This is the reason why, coursework writing is an important part of your academic progress and overall experience. Writing for your coursework project requires focus on the particular structure which you are required to follow and therefore your approach can vary distinctively depending on your assignment type.  

Coursework Structure

Defining a coursework writing structure succinctly is hard as it can depend on multiple factors. You may be expected to be writing on a topic which can allow you to follow a standard Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion structure. Your coursework writing structure can also be influenced by the complexity of the topic you need to be writing on. For example, developing a financial analysis on a company can be a lot more complex than writing a coursework on a more generic topic.      

Whatever coursework writing you are expected to perform, you need to remember a few primary principles:

  • It needs to be critical
  • It needs to be researched in extensive depth
  • It needs to be easy to read and follow
  • It needs to be structured by separate titles, sub-titles and bullet points
  • It needs to keep the reader interested in your writing style and topic

We understand that coursework writing is a challenging task and we are ready to help. Our mentors are very experienced in helping students with their research and writing. Please contact us for more details and we will be happy to explain how we can help with your coursework.  

Coursework Types

Your coursework writing approach can be highly influenced by the type of coursework you are requested to produce. There is no standard format of writing as it is all dependent on your course, degree and university requirements. These are, however, a few examples of the coursework writing you may be asked to perform:

  • Business Plan– you may be required to produce a business plan as part of your coursework. Writing a business plan is a complex task as it requires extensive practical business information for its development. Contrary to the coursework writing approach, which you would adopt for a purely academic assignment, the business plan is a coursework which gives you the opportunity to build practical and professional understanding on a business case.
  • This is the reason why, your coursework writing skills are likely to translate to your career development in the future. Moreover, your coursework can serve as an example of future employers as to what type of business writing you have performed at your university.
  • A-Mentor is very experienced in the coursework writing of business plans. Our mentors are academically qualified and are also business practitioners themselves. We believe this will have a tremendously positive impact on your writing and coursework development. We can support model writing of a coursework or mentor you on how to develop one yourself. In either case, the primary aim is for you to learn and improve your coursework writing skills.  
  • Marketing Plan– another type of coursework writing you may be required to perform at university is a marketing plan. As it can be identified from its name, a marketing plan is a type of coursework which is similar to a business plan but it specifically focuses on the marketing aspects of the management of a company. This is the reason why, your coursework writing approach is expected to be a lot more emphasising on areas, such as marketing strategy, marketing approaches, marketing mix, to name but a few.
  • A marketing plan can be usually seen as a part of a business plan but often it is done separately due to its importance to the operations of an organisation. In this respect, when writing your coursework you need to consider the level of depth which your marketing plan needs to have. Coursework writing is complex task and not only does it need to outline professional marketing implications but it also needs to have an in-depth academic focus – writing a balanced work is something which A-Mentor can confidently help you with.
  • Case Study– another type of coursework writing which you may be required to perform is on a case study. Some common coursework examples are on Harvard Business Review Case Studies where a researcher is expected to conduct an analysis and writing on a range of business themes.  
  • In case study writing, your task will be to work with limited information which would create a coursework focus. However, in addition to this information, your coursework writing style needs to reveal wide reading around the subject. Moreover, your reading not only should be related to academic themes but it needs to have an understanding of professional business concepts and implications.

Very often you may be challenged by the wide reading you need to perform for your case study writing and therefore A-Mentor is here to help with your coursework writing and analysis. We have solid experience in assisting students with the research and writing of coursework as we understand the complexities around performing a successful coursework writing. 

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