Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation ProposalA dissertation is a complex and extensive piece of research which a student is required to produce towards obtaining an academic degree. A dissertation proposal structures the multiple chapters through which a researcher is required to develop a clear and comprehensive argument in response to an initially set research question, objectives and proposition.

Prior to writing their dissertation, students are usually required to develop a dissertation proposal. The purpose of this proposal is to clearly outline the research topic and objectives, literature review, research methodologies and approach to findings analysis which would comprise your dissertation experience.

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Research Topic   

Before starting with your dissertation and even before approaching your dissertation proposal you need to focus on setting your research topic. Well, this is what makes students most worried, how do you find the most suitable topic? For many years in the field of academia and education, we have heard an array of different tutors’ recommendations on how to choose a topic for a dissertation proposal. Our recommendation is for you to listen to your instincts and choose a topic which really excites you. After all, you will spend a lot of hours on your dissertation and therefore the time spent needs to be enjoyable.

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Research Aim

Another important thought which you need to keep in mind when choosing your research topic for your proposal is the area you are interested in developing knowledge of. Your dissertation proposal will give you the opportunity to research a field in significant depth and therefore you are likely to gain some theoretical specialisation. Please remember that your dissertation is not only an academic opportunity but it can give you a certain professional advantage.   

Once your topic is chosen, your proposal needs to clearly outline the purpose of your academic exploration; its aims, objectives, and how it will contribute to the knowledge on the chosen discipline. Please remember that your dissertation proposal maps out all the steps which you need to undergo to research the primary aim of your dissertation. One of the greatest mistakes is that often students fail to identify a specific topic for their proposal and their research lacks depth and criticality.  

Literature Review

Another important component of your dissertation proposal is your Literature Review. This will be an extensive chapter in your dissertation and therefore your proposal needs to focus specifically on reviewing the existing academic literature on your topic of interest. Remember, that you will be criticising the theories and conceptual understanding which already exist, and further build on this existing knowledge.

The quality of your dissertation proposal and the validity of your subsequently developed dissertation rely very much on the credibility of the academic literature used, such as:

  • Academic textbooks
  • Scholarly review articles
  • Primary journals in your area of interest    

Research Methodology

Once you identify your area of interest and have written your Literature Review, another important section which you need to focus your attention on in your dissertation proposal is the Research Methodology. Your Research Methodology is the area of your dissertation which outlines how a researcher goes about exploring a topic and reaching valid research findings. This needs to be clearly outlined in your proposal not only as it is an academic requirement but because it would serve you as a guide to successfully completing the research process.

There is a range of different research approaches and strategies which you can utilise, such as primary and secondary research; quantitative questionnaires and qualitative interviews; cross-sectional and continuous time horizons. These are all important aspect which a dissertation proposal needs to be comprised of. Although this is the 3rd chapter of your proposal, you need to be very much aware of the strategy behind writing your Research Methodology well prior writing your dissertation.

However, don’t worry; the purpose of your dissertation proposal is not to test how well you are prepared but to help you clarify your research approach before you start with your dissertation. We are also here to help you not only with the development of your proposal but with the actual execution of any primary research you may wish to conduct.

Findings and Analysis

Another important part of your proposal is your Findings and Analysis section. It is the section of your dissertation which outlines what you have achieved by conducting your research. This is the reason why your dissertation proposal needs to provide at least some detailed information on the findings you are expecting to achieve and how you intend to use them for answering the research aims set in your proposal.  

This section of your dissertation proposal should not be too long as you cannot outline in your proposal what your findings are prior finalising your dissertation. Instead, use your dissertation proposal as an opportunity to outline your expectations and how you are to perform an analysis of your research findings. Please remember that your proposal is an exercise for you to test different concepts and approaches to conducting a substantial academic project.        

Discussion and Conclusion

Your final section of your dissertation proposal is your Discussion and Conclusion chapters. These are chapters which you should use to synthesise your research findings, the academic literature and how they relate to your research objectives. It is important that your dissertation proposal outlines some weaknesses which can be addressed in your piece of research – after all, no one is flawless.

For example, talking about the weaknesses of your proposal and research approach in terms of your inability to reach enough sample for your primary research is a fair point and contributes to the greater credibility of your dissertation proposal. Tutors would not mark you down if your dissertation has weaknesses but rather appreciate you expressing maturity and criticality in your proposal by understanding the implications around conducting a real life research.

We understand that the writing of a dissertation proposal could be a highly challenging process. This is the reason why we are able to assist you with:

  • Identifying a suitable topic
  • Outlining important research for your Literature Review
  • Constructing your Research Methodology
  • Analysing your findings
  • Structuring a specific Dissertation Proposal

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