Essay Writing

Essay WritingAn essay is a common academic assignment which is usually written from an author’s point of view. There are three different types of essay writing which are often required in business schools, such as cause and effect; contrast and compare; and critical analysis essay writing.

Cause and Effect Essay Writing

Writing a cause and effect essay requires a specific focus on the relationship between different variables in the analysis of a topic. As it can be identified from the type of essay, a researcher needs to be very critical and analytical in the writing process. Your essay writing approach needs to focus specifically on the implications which your analysis creates for different stakeholders and how it may impact further research on the topic.

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Contrast and Compare Essay Writing

By writing a contrasting and comparing essay, you are required to analyse different variables. This could range based on the topic you are writing on but it can be often comparing and contrasting different companies and industries. Your essay writing approach needs to be critical and very objective. Sometimes in your essay you may be asked to compare the advantages and disadvantages of one variable rather than writing about two different variables.

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Critical Analysis Essay Writing

Writing a critical analysis essay is hard. It is probably the most advanced form of essay writing which you will be requested to submit during your studies. This is the reason why, receiving some extra help with your work would ensure great academic results. In a critical analysis essay you need to decide how you are to go about exploring a topic. These types of assignments require a lot of reading and assessment of the academic literature.

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Further to the different types of essays, another important component to writing a high quality work is the essay structure. This is another aspect which we encourage students to carefully consider, and which we can provide plenty of help with.

  • Introduction– Some tutors suggest that your Introduction needs to be more general and abstract. Writing about the economy or starting with an industry overview is common. Other tutors expect a more concise and straight-to-the-point essay writing approach. Therefore, your Introduction can contain information on what you are to write in your essay and why.  
  • We recommend that your essay writing style reaches the best balance between both. It is important to go about writing your Introduction by thinking what would attract you as a reader – this will help you look at your project from a more unbiased perspective. Therefore, some general background around the topic which is narrowed down to your specific emphasis would give a clear idea to readers of your essay writing style and the discussed concepts for the short Introduction space you have.
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  • Main Body– The main body of an essay is where everything happens, where you are showing the results of your research and writing your analysis. Your essay writing style needs to be always critical and analytical. Even if this is not explicitly requested by your tutor, writing critically is an indication of good academic thinking and the key to a high essay mark.
  • Furthermore, being critical in your analysis will also help you in your career. Many students may not realise this but it is not always what you learn at university which makes you professionally capable but how you reach to your knowledge. This is the reason why, essay writing gives you a good foundation of what it means to critically assess information and how to present it in a clear and interesting format.
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  • Conclusion– The Conclusion is the final part of your essay. It goes without saying that the purpose of writing a Conclusion is to conclude what has been written. What many students do not realise, however, is that writing an interesting Conclusion is the last opportunity to impress your tutor with your essay. One of the greatest mistakes which we observe at A-Mentor is that students often only summarise what has been written rather than concluding it. As in your Main Body of your work, your essay writing style needs to be critical and therefore your Conclusion needs to reflect it. 
  • A key advantage of your Conclusion should be when you write recommendations. This is what would make your essay writing stand out. However, writing credible recommendations is hard and we often find ourselves needing some extra help.

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