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Report WritingA business report can extensively vary in structure depending on its topic and research aim. It usually contains a highly structured and analytical presentation of a business case by using graphs, charts and tables. This makes report writing a complex experience and A-Mentor is dedicated to supporting you during the entire writing process.

Report writing also requires a more in-depth research on you topic and a more analytical presentation of your report findings. Accordingly, when writing a report, a student needs to make use of a range of analytical tools and methods. We, at A-Mentor are very experienced in report writing on an extensive range of topics.

Some of the areas which need considerable attention when writing your work are the type of your report and the structure which you need to follow.   

Report Structure

The first component of your report writing is the structure you intend to use. There are a number of structures which can be implemented for you report and this usually depends on your subject. However, there are still some standards which need to be followed when writing your report. For example, you need to keep a basic structure of Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion which creates a natural report writing flow of thought.

There are many cases when a basic report structure is not required but you are expected to write on specific research themes or address some research questions. For example, writing a Marketing report may involve the analysis of a company or brand by developing a marketing plan. Therefore your report writing needs to be tailored to what you are specifically required by your tutor.   

Report Types

Another component which a student needs to be aware of when writing is the report type. What can substantially influence your report writing experience is your particular subject or degree. For example, a Finance degree would expect for a report to be highly analytical; to contain financial data, tables, graphs and charts. This is the reason why, your report writing focus needs to be on the gathering and presenting such information in a succinct manner.

There are other report types which need particular attention, such as a case study analysis.  In this case, you are required to be writing an analysis on a company by exploring business, market and industry characteristics. This type of report writing requires a great degree of criticality and depth of research. Your writing needs to cover areas beyond the information given in the case study. It requires both creative and analytical report writing skills for the development of a successful case study report.     

Report Uses

One of the primary uses of your report is educational. However, there is another use which can be clearly seen and it is related to your career development. Report writing gives you important skills and knowledge for your professional development. Report writing is a common responsibility in a professional environment where you may be requested to perform an analysis on a company and industry. By understanding how you can develop an insightful report you can later on excel in your career.

Another use of your report writing skills is when you work on another assignment which has similar requirements. You can use your report for reference purpose in the future or in the case when it is part of another project. Tutors often require for the report writing to be accompanied by a presentation on the same topic which tests both your writing and presentation skills.

Primary Research

Sometimes you may wish to implement a more creative and even bold strategy for your report writing experience. Primary research may be divided into qualitative and quantitative research, where the first utilises interviews and the second uses questionnaires for deriving data. Your report writing process is very much likely to substantially benefit from the use of primary research data. Moreover, in a real world professional environment, the reports you will be eventually writing would require the use of primary research from key industry stakeholders. Accordingly, if you learn how to conduct primary research for your reports at university, you will significantly improve your report writing skills for later on in your career.

The type of primary research you would choose for your work depends on three variables, such as your topic, stakeholders, and personal preferences. The topic is very important as it would outline the type of methodology you need to implement. If you need to find which brand consumers prefer, a quantitative research would give you a greater scale and representativeness for your report writing. However, if you are interested in finding about financial strategies which CFOs in the automobile industry implement, then a more qualitative in-depth analysis may be suitable for your writing.

A-Mentor can assist you in the research and writing of a report on your topic of interest by conducting both secondary and primary research, and by presenting a meaningful and clear synthesis of the report writing process.

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