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Dissertation Writing

Feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by your dissertation is natural but don’t let it get you down. Writing a dissertation is completely a new experience and a challenge. By definition a dissertation is ’’a long essay on a particular subject” it is not like writing a book. There is unfortunately no reading on assignments, no deadlines Continue Reading

Choosing A Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is probably more difficult than writing a 20- thousand words dissertation. The difficulty comes from the fact that you need to choose a dissertation topic which is unique and at the same time interesting and exciting. Finding a good balance between the two when choosing the right dissertation topic is a Continue Reading

The Dissertation Experience

Writing a dissertation can be a very stressful experience which requires a lot of planning, structuring and hard work. This is a skill that you cannot learn earlier in your life – it is developed throughout your academic studies but mainly in the first years of your university experience. Every university has its own requirements, Continue Reading